Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canton National Art Show

This is the second year for the Canton National Art Show at the Canton Museum of Art. The show had 75 artists from around the country. Only three us were from the Canton area. Me, Ted Lawson, and Bill Shearrow. The show had a fabulous collection of very talented artists. Unfortunately, the crowds were light and sales were lower than last year. It was a very nice experience and I'm glad I decided to apply and participate. There were many complimentary comments and it could have been very successful because there were several customers who seemed to really like my paintings and were back several times to measure and decide. Unfortunately, I only sold three paintings. It could have very easily been ten paintings.

The opening preview night was elegant and high class. the food was gourmet and the wine plentiful. The museum provided the artists with a very nice Italian dinner before the event began. I'll consider this show again next year and hope for better sales.