Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boston Mills Artfest 2011

This year's BM Artfest was the best yet. I had a great spot in the front of the South tent, the weather was great, the crowds were huge, made lots of sales, and met some amazing artists that I now can call my friends. The weekend started out a little iffy because Fri. afternoon was a little rainy and everyone predicted rain for the opening. The show started at 6PM and the rain stopped at 5:59. The director said later that Fri. night was the largest crowd yet for an opening at Boston the wine table was set up right in fron tof my booth...good start to a great show.

Sat. was beautiful and the crowd was huge. Our friends played music Sat. (MoMojo - Jen Maurer and her band...they were great). Sales were great Sat. and continued through Sun. Teardown was a breeze also. We finally figured it out at Boston Mills. Instead of fighting the rush to leave, Gail and I went to a restaurant at the end of the show and had a leisurely dinner, then returned to find that we could drive our van right up to our booth and pack up.

Overall it was the best show so far this year. The quality of the artwork was amazing and the crowds were here to buy and appreciate the art. Ron Bean, the director of the show, and his staff were well organized and gracious. I hope to be in the show often in the future. On to Cain Park next show.

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