Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting ready for Boston Mills Art Show

My next art show is Boston Mills I ( June 25,26,and 27. I have several new pieces in the works and am eager to show them off.

I have created a series of paintings with a cental "starburst" texture . I love the explosive energy and the simulation of movement My newest piece 25 x 25 on canvas is yet to be titled and framed and is still sitting on my easel. Lots of heavy texture created with gesso and layers of Titan Buff, Burt Umber, Metallic copper, and metallic bronze. I started with a "starburst exploding effect" created with heavy gesso then added thin layers of titan Buff paint followed by darker browns. After drying, I added heavy layers of metallic bronze and metallic copper with a pallet knife. I'm now waiting for the heavy paint to dry and I have picked out a shiny dark brown metallic frame which should be in in a few days. The canvas is a heavy gallery wrap and does not really need to be framed but I think it needs the finishing touch of a dark metallic edge. I'll decide once I try the frame to see if it needs more work and decide on the orientation. So far from start to finish... 3 days.

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  1. Joe, I love the blog! I like reading about artists' techniques, works in progress, etc. Also--thanks for the reminder about the Boston Mills Art Show. Dan and I will be there.